Thursday, July 4, 2013


salomi john valsan

When I live I think only of my life,
Until my body gets its last rites.
Life can't be summarized and justified
Though we .claim....
We say we loved our loved ones..
And we swear we loved and lived
for our loved ones who come across in
our turbulent and whirlwind ride life.
Yes we live and lived for them,
Like a Mahout who haunts
His helpless but agitated Tusker ....
Through the morass of confusion,
It obeys him and knee down
With a wounded heart and body mass..
Yes it weeps hiding its despondent spirit[?]
Does the tormented Tusker has a soul or spirit...?

We pretend knowingly unknown..
We the proud egoistic human being
The selfish sluggish creature..
Who boasts that we are
The one and only authentic being
who has been created by Him
with His own Image...
He entrusted on us this wast virtual world.

Shameless are not we... who hasn't have 
a deep scene of inner quiet.
he counts the profundity of life
to reach the materialistic nurture.
what he called his one and only life.
he pretends as the one with divinity
and he belief  he lives to love they neighbor.
what a counter view he holds in his
undoubtedly solemn mental crutch.
now he lives in a cave and fall a par...........?

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